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President's Welcome

Jill Cyr-

I am honored to serve the members of the Rhode Island Art Education Association as your president. It is my role to preserve, promote, and protect the interests of our association through supporting the Leadership Council and the work they do for all members.


It is my goal to:

  • Reach out to members around the state and learn what your needs are and how we as a leadership assembly can meet those needs.

  • Encourage the growth of art leaders throughout our organization from membership through the Executive Board because we need strong art leaders for the future of art education.

  • Support positive advocacy for art education through involvement in RIAEA, RISCA, RIDE, and the ALN.

  • Build a diverse and inclusive community of visual art educators by promoting professional growth and leadership.


Thank you for electing me and for supporting me through my leadership journey.

Jill Cyr

RIAEA Past Presidents

Cynthia Duffy  1991-1993

Linda Newman 1993-1995

Don Chabot  1995-1997

Steve Saunders 1997-1999

Peter Geisser  1999-2001

John Chamberlain 2001-2002

Mary McMurtery 2002-2004

Christine Mullen 2004-2006

Rosemary Burns 2006-2008

Mia Thompson 2008-2010

Susanne Suprock 2010-2012

Susan Root  2012-2014

Kristen Murphy 2014-2016

Michelle Turner 2016-2018

Susan Kolenda 2018-2023

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