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Advocacy Message in Regards to

 RIAEA Secondary Regulations Proposal Public Comment:

Hello Art Educator:


We NEED your HELP!


As some of you may know and for those that might not, RIAEA has been actively engaged in activating a response to the RIDE Secondary Graduation Requirements Revisions that could impact Fine Arts in the secondary curriculum.  This could impact Art Educators teaching in all public schools.


The RIAEA Advocacy Committee consisting of high school Art Educators from Cranston, East Providence, Lincoln, North Kingstown, Portsmouth, and Warwick have spent, quite literally, hours reviewing these revisions. A RIAEA Position Statement (which is attached) has been recorded to RIDE’s Public Comments.


This strong Advocacy team, along with representatives from RISCA, RIMEA (RI Music Education Association), Dance and Theater organizations  are continuing dialogue with RIDE representatives regarding the needs for the Fine Arts as an integral part of these proposed Graduation requirements.  


The Advocacy Team has started to attend the RIDE Public Comment sessions and voice our Position Statement in the Public Comment sessions.  The first Public Comment session was held on Tuesday, March 22nd at CCRI in Warick.  Representatives from the Advocacy team attended that session!  We, however, need YOUR voices!  This could impact curriculum in all of our districts!  



Attend a Public Comment session near you!!  The more Art Educators that attend the more RIDE will notice!  Attached please find the dates and times for ALL upcoming Public Comments sessions.  Feel free to use/read the RIAEA approved Position Statement also attached.

OR…you can write your own or even have students write how Art has been instrumental in their high school experience.


In addition, RIAEA is developing two additional Advocacy programs in which we hope all members/districts might  participate.  Watch your email and check the RIAEA website for more information. 


We highly encourage RIAEA Arts Educators to attend the upcoming Public Comment sessions.  Below please find: 

* RIAEA Public Comment Position Statement for speaking points.   

*Public Comment Dates & Locations

*The RIDE Graduation Regulation suggested revisions cheat sheet.


Please feel free to email me at this email address with any questions.


Best Regards--

Susan M. (Rocchio) Kolenda

RIAEA, President

Visual Arts Educator, Lincoln High School

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