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Warwick Center for the Arts
August 27-September 24th 2022

WFCA is seeking original works for our upcoming Rhode Island Art Educator's Showcase, an exhibition featuring artwork from those individuals who teach art to others. The show will run from August 27th-September 24th 2022. Art teachers have the unique gift of merging the intricacies of mathematics, lyricism of language, and the lessons of history to create a new form of visual communication. This show celebrates those educators who teach art to others. This show is open to all art educators in Rhode Island, including Prek-12; college/university and adult art education. 
More info to come soon.

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Rhode Island Art Anchor Awards
Spring of 2023

RI Art Anchor Awards is an exhibition showcasing the talent and dedication of Rhode Island secondary students. This RIAEA is offering an exciting, collaborative new awards show for all Middle/High School (Grades 6-12) student artists. In the past, RIAEA has hosted Scholastic Art Awards but has decided to move away from that partnership. The association's ART ANCHOR AWARDS program will begin in the Spring of 2023. Art Educator participation for the curation of their students' artwork will be required. The RIAEA is so excited to embark on this state-wide celebration of the ARTS! SHOW UP AND CELEBRATE!

More info to come in the soon future.

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Virtual Art Gallery, co-hosted by Senator Reed and the RI Art Education Association. Out of an abundance of caution, we will be hosting this year’s activity virtually again. We are hopeful that next year we can be back together in person hosting our traditional competition.


This is for any high school art teachers who may be interested in extending this opportunity to their students. The online application for submissions can be found at:


A few quick notes:


  • The current deadline is listed as Wednesday, May 25th. Similar to last year, this is a flexible deadline. We are hoping that everyone can submit their entries by that date, to allow us time to upload the entries onto the website so that we can have one big “unveiling.”

  • Images must be uploaded in the form of JPEG or PNG. There are some instructions in the application that may assist you with that. 

  • If individuals are having difficulty uploading to the application, they can email me directly:  


Thank you all for your continued support of this art competition. Please let me know if you have any questions.